Understanding User Roles in IEP Reports

District Administrator

(Organizational Account Only)

Representative from the School District that oversees all aspects of special Education
User Responsible for reviewing the IEP
User Responsible for writing the IEP
Common Titles
Local Educational Agencies Director of Special Education Pupil Services Director
Team Chair
Special Ed Coordinator
Special Ed Administrator
Assistant Principal
Inclusion Specialist
Special Ed Teacher

A Designee reviews IEPs that are submitted by Liaisons to ensure accuracy and compliance with federal and state law. This user is often an Administrator of Special Education, Principal, or Assistant Principal, however, this could also be an Evaluation Team Leader within your district depending on assigned responsibilities. Within IEP Reports, there are two different types of Designees.
Types of Designees:
A Designee identified as a Reviewer will review each Submitted IEP and will be able to send feedback to the Liaison if changes are requested. Submissions that are approved (i.e., no changes needed) will be forwarded to the District Administrator for Final Review. In this scenario, only the District Administrator can set the IEP as being 'Mailed Home'.
Final Reviewer:
A Final Reviewer will function the same as the 'Reviewer Designee' above. However, this user will be able to designate an IEP as being “Mailed Home”. This will move the meeting from the Dashboard to the Archive Table and does not require further action from the District Administrator.
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