About us

It can be a challenge to stay on top of your game as a special educator. That’s the problem that IEP Reports was created to solve. Teachers (Liaisons) and Administrators (Designees) should spend less time with paperwork, and more time doing what actually matters – focusing on teaching and learning.

Designed specifically for special educators by special educators, IEP Reports is an IEP Management Tool that includes Automatic Email Reminders to Teachers, a web-based Annotation Tool, and a Report Generating Tool that will help you keep tab of deadlines within your district. Our system will assist you in reaching your goal of full-compliance with state and federal laws and will save you time! Our focus is to create a proactive reminder system that alerts and reminds users of approaching deadlines, rather than a punitive one.

  • Our service is affordable and easily pays for itself in the time and energy that you will save.
  • Our website is secure and keeps all your information confidential and out of the wrong hands.
  • You’ll be hard pressed to find another website as easy to use as ours – we go out of our way to ensure that our user interface works and is easy to understand.
  • Who better to provide a product for special educators, than other special educators? IEP Reports was designed and developed by other special educators to aid in the reporting process.

We seamlessly supplement IEP-generating services such as eSped, Aspen X2, and EasyIEP. However, IEP Reports does not generate IEPs. Gain access to a variety of services and functions with our innovative system, including:

  • Automatic Email Reminders
  • Meeting Notes
  • In-Browser IEP Review Tool
  • Compliance Reports

Here is your chance to streamline your IEP writing process as a special educator, with IEP Reports.

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